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• Dog & Cat Urine
• Skunks

Carpet, Tile & Vinyl

• Laminate & Hard Surfaces
• Drain Maintenance
• Patios & Concrete

• Artificial Turf
• Vehicles & Commercial Transit

• Smoke
• Septic Systems

• Toilets
• Dumpsters & Trash Receptacles 

• Tough Laundry Stains, Including Blood

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TKO is a liquid all-natural bacteria, scientifically developed, specifically to solve organic waste problems. This synergistic natural bacillus bacteria is safe, and it performs in a variety of applications.

TKO is a blend of specifically modified all-natural bacteria consistently produce large amounts of job-specific enzymes.

TKO contains aerobic and anaerobic bacteria making it a high performance product.


• Wide Spectrum of Applications

• Stable, Synergistic Bacterial Spore System 

• Non-pathogenic & Environmentally Safe; Biodegradable, Eco-Friendly, All-Natural 

• Digests Proteins, Starches, Carbohydrates, Animal & Vegetable Fat, Oil & Grease 

• Strict Quality Control Ensures Clean, High-Potency Product - Laboratory          Certified 

• Facultative Growth Capability-Aerobic & Anaerobic (with or without oxygen) 

• Excellent Enzyme Production 

• Non-Corrosive, Non-Hazardous



Follow the directions on the product label for the specific applications listed there.
NOTE:  The drain applications listed below are not on the label and should be used as a general guideline.  The amount of TKO needed and the frequency of application can vary depending upon the specific conditions of the task to be accomplished.
General Use Dilutions:
AREA                           DOSAGE                                          FREQUENCY  
Kitchen drain            2 oz./in. diameter of drain         daily - twice weekly
Laundry drain           2 oz./in. diameter of drain         daily - twice weekly
Bathroom drain        2 oz./in. diameter of drain         daily - twice weekly
Toilets                          2 oz./in. diameter of drain        daily - twice weekly
Grease traps              1 pint in drain close to trap       daily - twice weekly  
Metering pump         10 - 30 oz.                                       daily - twice weekly
Car wash pits             1 cup                                                daily - twice weekly
Sludge beds               Dilute 1:5 - Pour of Sludge        as required
Septic tanks               2 oz./in. diameter of drain        daily - twice weekly
Cesspools                   2 oz./in. diameter of drain        daily - twice weekly
Portable toilets         2 oz./in. diameter of drain        daily - twice weekly
TKO can also be used in treating certain industrial wastewater issues, sludge systems, lagoons and similar conditions.
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